Emails to Groups not working in SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflows

In my time working with clients on SharePoint Designer Workflows I have found a common occurrence that unexpectedly causes workflows to not send emails to a Group.  The workflow may just stop working without any explanation as to why.  The problem may not be with the workflow at all, which makes troubleshooting VERY difficult.

The first thing that I have come to check is the “Who can view the membership of the Group?” setting under Group Settings.  If this is not set to “Everyone,” then the emails will only be sent if members of the group initiate the workflow.

Here are some screenshots to help those of you out who may need some instructions on how to check and change this setting:

  1. Click on People and Groups on the Quick Launch bar of your site.
  2. Either select an existing Group from the Quick Launch, then click Settings > Group Settings, or click New to set up a new group.  Both options will take you to very similar screens where the option can be set.
  3. Either from the New Group or Edit Group page you simply need to set the Group to be viewed by everyone under the Group Settings section.  Click OK, and test out your workflow emails again.  They will work fine if this was the only issue underlying your problem.

A special thanks to Bryan Phillips for teaching me this quick trick!

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