Displaying SharePoint List Data in another Site

Can you display a SharePoint List from one site as a Web Part in another site?  Yes, you can.  There are third-party tools that you can buy to do this; however, this blog post will show you how to do it with the FREE SharePoint Designer 2007 tool.

  1. As you can see I have a parent site “Jason’s Site” with a subsite called “Subsite.”  I have created a Web Part page on the parent site that I will use to display list data from the subsite.
  2. First you will need to open the site that you want the data to be displayed on in SharePoint Designer, and make sure that the Data Source Library is showing by going to Data View > Manage Data Sources.  Then you click on Connect to another library…
  3. Next, you will go through the following series of screens to navigate to the site that contains the list that you want to display data from.  NOTE: In the Choose a Web Site dialog you will do just that: Choose a Web Site.  Be sure not to actually navigate to the list itself.  Highlight the Site and click Open.

  4. Now you should see the site you chose displayed in the Data Source Library pane.
  5. Next you will need to open up the page that you want to add the Web Part to.  In this case I’m using a page called “ToDisplaySubsiteList.aspx".
  6. Place your cursor just below the <ZoneTemplate> tag, and then add a Data Form Web Part to the page by going to Insert > SharePoint Controls > Data View.  This adds a <WebPartPages:DataFormWebPart> to the page.
  7. Now, with the newly added Data Form Web Part highlighted in the Design screen (it is highlighted by default after being added to the page), drill down to the list that you want to display in the secondary site’s directory in the Data Source Library, click on the drop down menu for the list, and click on Show Data.
  8. Hold down the Ctrl button and click on each field that you want to display in the Web Part.  I’ve selected the first two fields in the screenshot below—“Title” and “Subsite.”  Then click on the drop down Insert Selected Fields as… and choose either Single or Multiple Item View.  I’m choosing multiple item view for this demonstration.
  9. Now your list data from one site will be displayed on another site through a Data Form Web Part.  You can use the Common Data View Tasks window, highlighted below, to fine tune how the Web Part behaves.  I am not getting into the details of how to do that in this post, but I will point out that you can do things like Filter, Sort and Group, set Paging options, and set Parameters for the Web Part (e.g. you can set a Query String Parameter for the Web Part to control what item will be displayed if you chose Single Item View.).
  10. Here is the page loaded in the browser.  We are in the Parent Site displaying list data in a Web Part from a subsite.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will need to be sure that individuals that you intend to display this data to on this site have permissions to view the data on the subsite, or the data will simply not appear.
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