Missing “Create or extend Web application” Link in SharePoint Central Administration

I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on my development machine.  I used Bamboo Solutions’ WSS on Vista tool to install SharePoint Server 2007 on it; however, when I navigated to Central Administration there was no “Create or extend Web application Link” there.

Well, at first I thought it may be a permissions issue, but everything seemed to be in place there.  I also made sure to right-click Central Administration from the Start Menu to “Run as administrator,” but that didn’t fix it either.

Then I realized that I hadn’t installed Service Pack 2 for SharePoint Server.  Microsoft suggested that I install Service Pack 2 for WSS 3.0 first, which I did, and that fixed the issue.  Then I went ahead and installed The 2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 2, and everything is running great now.

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